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Past listings have included these makers: Ansonia, Seth Thomas, Wm. L. Gilbert, New Haven Clock. Co., E. N. Welch, Jerome, Waterbury, Kroeber, Herschede, Chelsea, Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, Junghans, Japy Freres, Lenzkirch, and many others.

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Wall: Date Posted
Smith English clock Ltd 2017-09-02
Simplex 91-4 Master Clock2016-09-02
Howard Miller wall clock2016-07-13
late 1700's early 1800s clock2015-06-24
18th., Century German Regulator Wall Clock $3502015-06-02
Hermle Sallander Dutch Burl Wood Bell Strike Wall Cl2015-02-18
Wall bracket clock 8 Day Moon Phase 2015-02-18
Antique clocks 2015-02-15
French Comtoise wag on wall clock 2015-02-15
Dutch friesian mermaid clock2015-02-15
Foil Embossed brass wag on the wall clock 2015-02-15
Dutch wall tail clock 2015-02-15
German wall clock 2015-02-15
Waterbury Regulator no.672014-10-01
Chelsea Ships Bell Clock2014-09-07
19th Century French Mobier Comtoise Wall clock2014-09-06
Dutch Clock with atlas atop2014-05-21
Antique French Louis Jaquine St Etienne Comtoise Clo2014-05-21
Clocks for sale, wall, brass, bell, 2014-05-21
19th Century French Mobier Comtoise Wall clock2014-05-21
Hermle Sallander Dutch Burl Wood Bell Strike Wall Cl2014-05-21
Dutch Frisan Wall/Tail Clock2014-05-21
Orig Simon Willard,Jr Banjo Clock-Never Left Family!2014-04-15
Howard Miller Focal Point Wall Clock2013-08-04
Need to down size my collection2013-06-26
American Banjo Clocks2013-06-17
New Haven Clock Company Striking Clock2013-05-02
Original German Mauthe wall clock2013-04-24
1926 wooden pendellum clock2013-04-06
welch Gale perpetual calendar n02 model2013-02-21
collection of antique clocks2013-01-17
121 years old Friedich Mauthe clock(FMS)rare antique2013-01-01
Clocks all kinds2012-11-08
Clock collection for sale2012-10-22
kundo kienzle waltham seth thomas session clocks 2012-08-04
Antique wall gong clock2012-06-18
Antique wall gong clock2012-06-18
beautiful, unique lenzkirch clock2012-05-28
German antique wall clock2012-05-07
2 vienna regulators2012-05-01
Ansonia Capitol 111 years old2012-03-26
clock collection for sale2012-02-19
collection for sale2012-01-24
ansonia sante fe 19042011-11-19
American weight-driven wall clocks for sale2011-10-06
Seth Thomas Wall clocks2011-05-17
Self Winding Clock Co.2011-05-15
Howard Miller Presidential Collection2011-03-31
USSR Vintage Submarine Wall Clock2011-03-20
Gustav Becker wall clock2011-03-06
wall clock2011-01-27
C & L. C. Ives 18002010-11-24
Fashion clock for sale2010-11-01
Lux wig wag cat clock2010-09-08
Seth Thomas Office 112010-09-06
cookoo clock2010-09-04
new haven 8 day clock2010-08-27
Ansonia Regulator B2010-08-25
MEIJI Wall Clock For Sale2010-08-11
international time recorder 19002010-07-14
Early American Banjo2010-06-28
3 clocks for sale2010-06-07
Self Winding Clock Co2010-06-06
Self Winding Clock Co.2010-06-01
1800 C & CL Ives 8-day2010-06-01
two antigue german regulator 2010-05-20
Mid 19th Century German Wag on the Wall Clock2010-04-28
Wag on Wall Clock2010-04-15
For Sale Junghans wallclock2010-04-12
VERY old Wooden Frame Clock2010-04-10
Seth Thomas Regulator No. 6 - $42002010-04-10
mini grandfather clock2010-03-13
Ridgeway Model R162E2010-03-08
New Haven Duna2010-02-21
forestvill8day porsalinwall clock2010-02-18
waterbury clock and two cukoo clocks for sale2010-02-07
Boston Pendulum #1 in Mahogany2010-01-30
E. Howard and Co. Regulator 70 in Walnut2010-01-30
Seth Thomas #2 Regulator in Oak2010-01-26
2 cuckoo clocks2010-01-10
Collie pendulum clock2010-01-05
JEROME OG - 30 HOUR2010-01-01
Antique clock collection2009-12-23
Antique German Wall Clock $350.002009-12-18
New Haven Waring 8 Day Gong Banjo-style Wall Clock2009-12-07
Welch Regulator #2 in Rosewood - Beautiful!2009-12-06
Seth Thomas 19th Century Wall Clock w/ Alarm2009-12-04
19th Century Tall Wooden Wall Clock2009-12-04
19th Century New Haven Clock Co. School Clock2009-12-04
Seth Thomas 19th Century School Clock2009-12-04
Antique Pendulum Wall clock2009-11-19
Vintage Tekeda Wall Clock2009-10-24

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