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Past listings have included these makers: Ansonia, Seth Thomas, Wm. L. Gilbert, New Haven Clock. Co., E. N. Welch, Jerome, Waterbury, Kroeber, Herschede, Chelsea, Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, Junghans, Japy Freres, Lenzkirch, and many others.

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Shelf: Date Posted
Wood works clocks for sale2017-04-26
Vintage Jaeger Lecoultre"rue de la Paix" clock2017-03-31
All original E. Ingraham Mantle Clock2017-01-03
Howard Miller mantle clock model number 6124362016-11-06
Howard Miller chiming mantle clock model 612-4362016-11-06
Howard Miller chiming mantle clock model 612-4362016-11-06
French mantle clock2016-08-30
Junghans chime clock made I'd Germany wooden housing2016-02-20
Wood Works Clocks & parts2016-02-03
Timby Solar Timepiece2015-04-20
French portico pillar mantel clock with inlay (1850)2014-09-22
Seth Thomas Concord mantle clock2014-08-23
Rare & vintage Karlsson Nixie Clock in mint 2014-02-03
Jerome Thompson & Company2014-01-22
new haven calander $9002013-05-04
19th century French clock2013-04-02
Sessions No 20D Electric clock2013-02-22
Schmid Schienker Mantel Clock w/dance girls & music 2012-12-31
United Clock with 4 dancing girls2012-12-31
New Haven Flying Pendulum Clock2012-12-31
Schmid Schienker Mantel Clock w/dance girls & music 2012-12-31
Seth Thomas "New York" College Series2012-11-12
Late 1800's shelf clock 2012-09-11
C1890 F.Kroeber Clock Co., New York "Pompadour2012-09-11
seth thomson sessions bulova table clocks low prices2012-08-04
Royal "La Vergne"2012-07-21
Royal "La Vergne"2012-07-21
mantel clock for sale2012-06-18
Ansonia Clyde 8 day clock2012-06-18
Atmos perpetual motin clock2012-06-11
1850 Connecticut Clock Co. Shelf Clock2012-05-31
le couture & cie 528-82012-04-20
Antique Bracket Clock2011-12-20
Jerone & Co. calander clock2011-12-05
ASPREY carriage clock2011-11-28
Howard Miller 612-374 Bellingham Key Wound Mantel Cl2011-10-23
Ansonia Swing Clocks for Sale2011-10-06
1924 ibm international time recording division... 2011-10-02
Ansonia Hamlet Figural Mantel Clock 19042011-09-15
chelsea mantle clock2011-08-08
Unrestored Waterbury-Great Condition2011-08-06
Ansonia /Arcadia2011-07-31
1890 Seth Thomas Adamantine2011-05-10
1890's New Haven Iron Case Mantel Clock2011-05-10
Sehwa 31 Day Clock2011-05-10
United Clocks Mini-Grandfather Clock2011-05-10
Ansonia Sybil & Winter Clock2011-03-16
Ansonia "Prosperity" 2011-02-13
Junghans Westminster chime mantle clock2011-02-07
ansonia,cosmo mantle clock2011-02-02
Antique Mini Street Timepiece2010-12-06
Warwick Model Mantel Clock2010-11-22
Ansonia Royal Bonn -Lavilla2010-11-19
columbia time products electric clock #1080R2010-10-27
1935 Seth Thomas Simsbury2010-08-28
Antique Clock Ringing Chimes2010-08-27
Seth Thomas Fashion Clock2010-08-17
LeCoultre Atmos Mantle Clock2010-08-13
churchill-w seth thomas clock2010-08-07
Antique 400 Day Schatz Clock2010-08-03
Sessions, Shenandoah, and Dunhaven Shelf Clocks2010-08-02
Ansonia Royal Bonn Reugulator #42010-07-25
Seth Thomas R Kiser Antique Clock2010-07-01
Antique French Marble Clock2010-06-28
Ansonia Peep O Day2010-06-21
Seth Thomas Mantle Cathedral Clock w Key + Pendulum2010-06-19
1881 Ansonia (Iron)2010-06-18
Chauncey Jerome 30 hr.OG shelf clock2010-05-30
Gilbert mantal clock 2010-05-02
Clocks, Clocks, & More2010-05-01
Waterbury Mantle- Circa 19242010-04-17
Ansonia Monarch Parlor Clock in Black Walnut2010-04-09
Ansonia "Tunis" 1890s2010-04-05
Mantel Clock New England Clock Co. Franz Hermle Move2010-03-13
Enfield mantel clock2010-03-12
C1890 French Clock,Barometer,Thermometer,Compass2010-03-11
Ansonia Crystal Model c19102010-03-08
C1890 French Clock,Barometer,Thermometer,Compass2010-03-07
c.1880 French Guilmet Rare Industrial Lighthouse2010-03-06
Gilbert Mantel Clock2010-02-07
Seth Thomas shelf clock2010-02-07
Waterbury Felix Oak shelf Clock Alarm No. 16552010-01-31
Hammond Marble Art Deco Perfect2010-01-30
Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain Crystal Regulator #62010-01-30
Hammond Tripoli ~Refurbished Beautiful2010-01-25
Hammond Marble~Perfect~Refurbished2010-01-25
HP Mourey Antique Porcelain Clock2010-01-02
HP Mourey Antique Porcelain Clock2010-01-02
Ansonia Figure Clock "Denis Papin" 2010-01-02
sessions mantel clocks2009-12-30
Egyptian Revival Clock Set2009-12-27
19th Century New Haven Clock Co. Shelf Clock2009-12-04
Pequegnut Maple Leaf2009-11-29
French Black Marble Mantel Clock2009-11-14
Lenzkirch clock very rare, for sale2009-11-10
Mahogany Bracket clock2009-11-09
Waterbury Mantel Clock /Dorena2009-11-08
Boston Clock Company Mantle Clock c. 18902009-11-05
John Calvin 500th anniversary desk clock2009-11-03
"Chariot of Diomedes'", ca 18102009-10-28
gold "death" clock2009-10-27
Ansonia mantel clock2009-10-16
1920s Art Deco Marble Mantel Clocks2009-10-11
Help identifying antique clock2009-10-07
White Onyx Bracket Clock, Louis XV2009-10-07

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